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Dr James Waldron

James is a Portfolio GP working in Nottingham. James has a great interest in teaching, technology and online interactive education and has a boundless enthusiasm and drive to create and support communities of doctors and learners and also in finding new ways of doing things and delivering interesting interactive education. He works as a GP tutor delivering the New to Practice programme and Trainee Transition scheme via the Phoenix Programme as well as working for the Nottinghamshire Alliance Training Hub finding, creating and supporting educational and CPD events. In addition to education, he also manages schools outreach projects and has been leading the creation of a workforce app due for release soon! James is the Vale of Trent First 5 Lead and part of the leadership committee for NextGen GP in the Midlands.

In addition to his medical qualifications, he has a PostGrad Certificate in Medical education and is a certified MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) builder.

James loves nothing better than spending time with people and being on stage and has a passion for music and “am-dram”, and is busy filling his house with guitars (15 and counting) but also play the violin with the Nottingham Symphony Orchestra. James is also an avid traveller having taken 2 years within training to explore the world and try new and exciting things all across the globe.