Brandt-Andrews method

Last reviewed 01/2018

This should NOT be considered a manual for using the Brand-Andrews, but as a brief summary of the technique.

The Brandt-Andrews method was developed to avoid inversion of the uterus during the third stage of labour.

  • the patient is supine
  • the uterus is guarded with the left hand just above the symphysis pubis
  • clinically, separation of the placenta may be accompanied by cord lengthening, vaginal bleeding or a slight rising of the uterus up the abdomen
  • following placental separation, the cord is kept taught by gentle traction using an artery clamp
  • the uterus is guarded by downward pressure with the left hand
  • once the placenta has been expelled the uterus is lifted out of the pelvis with the left hand

The principle of the Brandt-Andrews method is not cord traction but rather elevation of the uterus.