papillary muscles (right ventricle, anatomy)

Last reviewed 01/2018

The papillary muscles of the right ventricle comprise:

  • anterior papillary muscle:
    • largest
    • originates from right, anterior and lateral ventricular wall
    • merges with the septomarginal trabecula
    • its chordae tendineae insert into anterior and posterior tricuspid valve leaflets
  • posterior papillary muscle:
    • second largest
    • arises predominantly from posterior wall
    • occasionally, may exist with the mass of muscle divided into two or three
    • its chordae insert into the septal and posterior leaflets of the valve
  • accessory papillary muscles:
    • if present, small and often numerous
    • may arise from the ventricular wall or the septal region of the infundibulum
    • their chordae insert into the anterior and septal leaflets