visual disturbance (spots before eyes)

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  • flashing lights
    • is due to vitreoretinal traction causing mechanical stimulation of the retina
    • these include:
      • photopsias (1)
        • visual images that do not correspond to environmental objects
      • phoshenes (2)
        • sensation of flashing lights from sources other than external light stimulation to retina
  • light flashes is a symptom which is associated with many conditions, including:
    • retinal detachment
    • posterior vitreous detachment
    • optic neuritis
    • migraine
    • postural hypotension (2)
    • vasovagal reactions (2)
    • transient ischemic attack (2)
  • acute posterior vitreous detachment is the most common cause of sudden-onset flashes and floaters (1)


Last reviewed 01/2018