Last reviewed 01/2018

  • floaters ( entopsia)
    • are formed due to images shed on the retina by opacities in the vitreous
    • can be caused by different types of vitreous opacities like (1)
      • red blood cells
      • inflammatory cells
      • tumor cells
      • amyloid
    • they may cause a localised and faint impediment to sight
    • present as fine dots,cobwebs,veils,strings or clouds (2)
    • their perception depends on the following characteristics:
      • size of the opacities
      • optical density
      • distance from the retina
      • pupil size
      • background (1)
    • may be perceived to move as the opacities move within the vitreous
      • e.g ocular movements
    • they may occasionally be the prelude to a retinal detachment