mediastinal surface left lung (anatomy)

Last reviewed 01/2018

The mediastinal surface of the left lung can be considered in terms of the lung root and surrounding surface characteristics. The root is considered to be approximately central upon the mediastinal surface, and the position of features is described with respect to this:

  • superiorly:
    • deep groove for the arch of the aorta
    • more superiorly is a vertical groove for the subclavian artery
  • superanteriorly: start of groove for arch of aorta projecting posteriorly over root of lung
  • superoposteriorly: oblique fissure passing from hilum
  • anteroinferiorly:
    • cardiac impression; deeper than on right side
    • across the cardiac surface projects one end of the oblique fissure in an anteroinferior direction
  • inferiorly: pulmonary ligament
  • posteriorly: vertically descending groove for arch of aorta

The lung root is considered in the submenu.