Last reviewed 01/2018

Uses: adjunct to rehydration in acute diarrhoea; used in chronic diarrhoea in adults only Dose in acute diarrhoea:

  • 4mg initially plus 2mg after each loose stool for up to five days
  • usual dose 6-8mg daily; max 16mg/day Child from age 4 years (under 4 years not recommended):
  • 4-8 years 1mg 3-4 times daily up to 3 days only
  • 9-12 years 2mg 4 times daily up to 5 days only Maintenance dose in chronic diarrhoea (adults only):
  • 4-8 mg in the first 24h (divided doses)
  • adjust as needed and give bd dose; max 16mg/day Capsules: 2mg x 30 or 100 Syrup(sugar-free): 1mg/5ml x 100ml Can be sold OTC for adults and children over 12 years Cautions & contra-indications: as Codeine(except dependence) Side-effects: abdominal cramps, skin reactions including urticaria, paralytic ileus and abdominal bloating