HBsAg antibody ( anti - HBsAg )

Last reviewed 01/2018

  • anti-HBsAg indicates clinical recovery and immunity to hepatitis B virus
  • anti-HBsAg may also occur (via passive transfer) after transfusion
  • this antibody is found in about 80% of patients after clinical cure
  • anti-HBsAg may take several weeks or months to appear following the disappearance of HBsAg
  • in fulminant hepatitis the anti-HBsAg is produced early and may co-exist with low antigen titre
  • in chronic carriers - no antibody is present but antigen titres are high
  • the presence of anti-HBsAg without HBsAg detectable signifies:
    • recovery from HBV infection
    • absence of infectivity
    • immunity from future HBV infection
    • the presence of anti-HBsAg can be used to show effectivity of immunisation programme