Last edited 10/2021 and last reviewed 10/2021

After the first seizure, for two years from then onwards, about 60 percent of the untreated persons will have no further seizures.(1)

Remissions (being free of seizures for 5 years, on or off treatment) will occur in about 70% of the patients with epilepsy.(1)

  • the rest of the 20-30% of people will develop chronic epilepsy, which is usually treated with Anti-epileptics (1)

People with epilepsy (PWE) have a higher mortality rate than the general population (2)

In a UK based study (2) number of deaths within the database increased by 69% between the first and last year of the study (2014 compared with 2004)

  • epilepsy was considered as a contributing cause in approximately 45% of deaths of PWE under 35
  • factors associated with increased risk of death included
    • attendance at emergency departments and/or emergency admissions
    • antiepileptic drug (AED) polytherapy
    • status epilepticus
    • depression
    • and injuries
  • no seizures in the prior year was associated with a reduced risk of death