CDKN2A and pancreatic cancer

Last edited 01/2022 and last reviewed 01/2022

CDKN2A and pancreatic cancer
  • familial pancreatic cancer (FPC) includes those kindreds that contain at least two first degree relatives with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
    • has been suggested that about 10% of pancreatic cancer has a familial basis (1)
  • CDKN2A gene is situated on chromosome 9p21.3 (1,2)
    • CDKN2A is a tumor suppressor gene that is considered a major cause of familial melanoma
    • germline mutations in the p16/CDKN2A gene cause the Familial Atypical Multiple Mole Melanoma (FAMMM) syndrome, and these individuals have a 13 to 37-fold increased risk of pancreatic cancer (1)
    • in melanoma-prone families of European ancestry, pancreatic cancer is the second most common type of cancers associated with CDKN2A mutations (1)
  • risk of developing pancreatic cancer is also higher in FDRs (first degree relatives) of carriers than in FDRs of non-carriers (RR = 7.4 [95%CI: 2.3-18.7]) (3)


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