inferior lingular bronchopulmonary segment (left sup. lobe)

Last reviewed 01/2018


The inferior lingular bronchopulmonary segment of the left superior lobe is supplied by the inferior lingular segmental bronchus, a branch of the left superior lobar bronchus. With the superior lingular bronchopulmonary segment, the inferior segment constitutes the other half of the lingula of the lung.

It presents mediastinal and anterolateral surface which are not enclosed by surrounding segments. Medially, the inferior lingular segments forms the part of the mediastinal surface of the left lung that is the cardiac impression; this sits directly lateral to the left side of the heart. The anterolateral surface of the inferior lingular segment forms the majority of the inferior margin of the left lung from the anterior aspect.

Superiorly is the superior lingular bronchopulmonary segment. Posteriorly is the lower margin of the oblique fissure; directly posterior to the fissure is the anterior basal segment of the inferior lobe. The inferior margin sits within the anterior costodiaphragmatic recess in inspiration.