mylohyoid muscle (anatomy)

Last reviewed 01/2018

Mylohyoid is one of the suprahyoid group of muscles of the neck. It arises from the mylohyoid line on the internal aspect of the mandible. It has two insertions:

  • the anterior two thirds of the muscle pass medially to form a midline raphe with the contralateral side; this fibrous structure stretches between the symphysis menti and the hyoid bone
  • the posterior third passes inferomedially to insert into the superior surface of the body of the hyoid bone

It is innervated by the mylohyoid nerve from the mandibular division of the facial (VII) nerve.

Mylohyoid acts to:

  • elevate the floor of the mouth in the first stage of deglutition
  • elevate the hyoid bone
  • depress the mandible