Last reviewed 01/2018

The median age of those enrolled was:

  • 85 years for men
  • 86 years for women

Cerebrovascular disease was seen in 78% of individuals. Alzheimer's disease pathology was seen in 70% of individuals.

Dementia was diagnosed in 48% of cases, of which the diagnosis was Alzheimer's disease in 64%.

There was a broad overlap in pathology between the demented and non-demented groups:

  • severe neocortical neuritic plaques were seen in:
    • 35% of the demented group
    • 5% of the non-demented group

  • moderate or severe neurofibrillay pathology was seen in:
    • 39% of the demented group
    • 8% of the non-demented group

  • multiple vascular disease lesions were seen in:
    • 46% of the demented group
    • 33% of the non-demented group