bronchopulmonary segment two (left lung)

Last reviewed 01/2018

The posterior bronchopulmonary segment of the left superior lobe is supplied by the apicoposterior segmental bronchus or, more rarely, via the posterior segmental bronchus directly from the left superior lobar bronchus.

The posterior bronchopulmonary segment has posterior, medial and lateral surfaces unenclosed by surrounding segments. Superiorly sits the inferior surface of the apical segment of the superior lobe. Anterioinferiorly is the anterior segment.

Posteriorly is the superior portion of the left oblique fissure; posterior to the fissure is the superior bronchopulmonary segment of the inferior lobe. Medially, the segment forms the superior part of the mediastinal surface of the left lung that is directly above the hilum. Inferiorly, it sits upon the superior surfaces of, from anterior to posterior, the anterior segment of the superior lobe, the hilum, and finally the apical segement of the superior lobe.