bronchopulmonary segment nine (right lung)

Last reviewed 01/2018


The lateral basal bronchopulmonary segment of the right inferior lobe is supplied by the lateral basal segmental bronchus, a branch of the right inferior lobar bronchus.

The segment has two surfaces which are not enclosed within surrounding segments: the lateral surface is triangular and extends inferiorly from its apex at the level of the hilum to the diaphragm in roughly the mid-axillary line; the diaphragmatic surface lies superior to the lateral posterior margin of the right diaphragmatic dome.

Anteriorly, the anterior basal segment lies in front of the lateral basal segment. Anteromedially, there is slight contact with the medial basal segment. Medially, there is a surface apposed to the medial basal segment. Posteriorly, the lateral segment is in contact with the posterior segment. Superiorly, there is a surface in contact with the superior bronchopulmonary segment of the inferior lobe.