bronchopulmonary segment two (right lung)

Last reviewed 01/2018


The second bronchopulmonary segment of the right lung is distributed to the superior lobe; it is the posterior bronchopulmonary segment. It supplies the surface of the right upper lobe both laterally and posteriorly beneath the apical segment. Its posterior surface boundaries are from T2 to T6. Its anterior surface boundaries are from the 1st rib to the costal cartilage of the third or fourth ribs inferiorly.

Inferiorly, its surface forms part of the base of the superior lobe with the anterior bronchopulmonary segment. However, whereas the latter is separated from the middle lobe by the horizontal fissure, the posterior bronchopulmonary segment is separated from the inferior lobe by the oblique fissure.

The posterior bronchopulmonary segment of the right superior lobe is a frequent site of tuberculosis and aspiration pneumonia suffered in the supine position.