anterior basal bronchopulmonary segment (right inf. lobe)

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The anterior basal bronchopulmonary segment of the right inferior lobe is supplied by the anterior basal segmental bronchus, a branch of the inferior lobar bronchus.

Only the lateral and inferior surfaces are not enclosed by surrounding segments. The lateral surface extends approximately from an apex at the mid-axillary line to the diaphragm parallel to the oblique fissure but about 2-3 centimetres inferior to it. The anterosuperior surface of the segment forms the inferior margin of the lower third of the right oblique fissure. The lateral segment of the middle lobe lies superior to this.

Posterior to the anterobasal bronchopulmonary segment is the lateral basal segment. Medially is the medial basal segment. Inferiorly, the anterior basal segment sits upon the diaphragm.

Last reviewed 01/2018