clinical features

Last reviewed 01/2018

The components of the manic mood disorder include:

  • mood changes:
    • elation/euphoria/cheerful
    • irritable/quick to anger
    • optimistic/enthusiastic
    • grandiose

  • activity:
    • boundless energy
    • poor concentration

  • speech changes:
    • conversation is rapid and cheerful
    • the stream of speech may be pressured
    • the patient skips rapidly between topics of conversation
    • topics may be only casually related or be related by a pun or rhyme e.g. "look at the branches of the trees; I don't like bees"

  • delusions:
    • the severity ranges from an overoptimistic view of the world to full blown grandiose delusions

  • somatic disturbances:
    • insomnia
    • increased apetite without weight gain
    • increased libido and sexual activity
    • increased desire for alcohol or other drugs