Last reviewed 06/2021

A good history is often important in determining the character and aetiology of chronic renal failure:

  • the history is not dramatic but the biochemical disarray may be profound
  • chronic renal failure is often well tolerated
  • nocturia - concentration defect

Past Medical History:

  • specific renal illness e.g. recurrent UIT's
  • hypertension:
    • obstetric history e.g. pre-eclampsia
    • insurance checks noting hypertension

Drug History:

  • analgesics
  • anti-rheumatic medications - gold, penecillamine
  • antibiotics - e.g. gentamycin, aminoglycosides and cephalosporins

Family History:

  • adult polycystic disease
  • Alports syndrome

Social History:

  • nephrotoxic exposures at work
  • how has dialysis affect work and leisure ?