monocular vision and driving

Last edited 06/2019 and last reviewed 11/2020

Including, for any reason, making use of only one eye

Re: group 1 entitlement

  • Must not drive and may need to notify the DVLA.
  • For complete loss of vision in one eye (cases where there is any light perception in the affected eye are not considered monocular), the driver:
    • must meet the same visual acuity and visual field standards as binocular drivers
    • may drive only after clinical advice of successful adaptation to the condition
  • Only those monocular people who fail to meet these requirements are required to notify the DVLA

Up-to-date guidance may be obtained from the publication "At a Glance Guide to the Current Medical Standards of Fitness to Drive" and the website
Note that this guidance also relates to the use of one eye only for driving.