parietal lobe signs

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The parietal lobe is the principal sensory area of the cerebral cortex. The manifestations of damage may be specific to the dominant or non-dominant hemisphere, or it may be general:

Disease of either dominant or non-dominant hemisphere post-central gyral sensory cortex produces contralateral disturbance of cortical sensation:

  • impairment of postural sensation and sensation of passive movement
  • impairment of tactile sensation - accurate localisation of light touch, two point discrimination
  • agraphism, astereognosis
  • sensory and visual inattention

Dominant hemisphere lesions:

  • involving Wernicke's speech area - receptive dysphasia
  • Gerstmann's syndrome
  • dyslexia

Non-dominant lesions:

  • neglect of contralateral limb, even if densely hemiplegic
  • denial of weakness - anosognosia
  • spatial neglect
  • disappreciation of three dimensional sense - dressing dyspraxia, constructional dyspraxia
  • geographical agnosia - e.g. unable to find defined places

Involving the optic radiation deep in the parietal lobe:

  • lower homonymous quadrantanopia

Last reviewed 07/2021