Last reviewed 01/2018

On each side of the neck, the superior cervical ganglion gives off the following postganglionic branches:

  • somatic: via grey rami communicantes, to the first four cervical nerves
  • visceral; superior cardiac nerves to the:
    • superficial cardiac plexus from the left superior ganglion
    • deep cardiac plexus from the right superior ganglion
  • vascular branches; pass along the outside of the respective major artery and supply all of their branches; contain both somatic and visceral fibres:
    • internal carotid nerve; also sends fibres to:
      • pterygopalatine ganglion
      • dilator pupillae of the iris
    • external carotid nerve; also sends fibres to:
    • pharyngeal plexus
      • submandibular ganglion
      • otic ganglion