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Prevalence of hyperhidrosis is reported to be around 1%. This figure is thought to be much higher since majority of cases are not reported to primary care (1).

  • according to a large American national survey, only 38% of patients with primary pattern of symptoms had consulted a health professional
  • it is estimated that there is a15 year delay in presentation of patients with hyperhidrosis to primary care

The disease is seen in equal ratios among the sexes and may be seen at any age:

  • the mean age of onset was 14 years old
  • in teenagers the estimated prevalence is 1.6%
  • children tend to present with palmoplantar hyperhidrosis
  • axillary hyperhidrosis (linked to the development of sweat glands) is commonly seen after the onset of puberty

A genetic association has been suggested with a positive family history reported in 65% of cases (1).


Last reviewed 01/2018