initial management at home if history of previous febrile convulsion

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initial management of febrile seizure at home

Due to the risk of 1 in 3 children developing recurrences, parents should be given appropriate advice on how to manage a child if further febrile seizures occur at home.

  • take necessary steps to prevent injury to the child during the seizure
  • avoid restraining the child or putting anything in the mouth
  • check the airway and place the child in the recovery position once the seizure stops
  • clear the area around the child
  • time the seizure
  • inform that
    • the child may sleep for up to one hour following the seizure
    • if seizure lasts for less than 5 minutes - get medical help
    • if seizure lasts for more than 5 minutes - call an ambulance
  • in recurrent febrile seizure - provide rescue treatment if the tonic-clonic component continues for more than 5 minutes
    • buccal midazolam is used as first line treatment or rectal diazepam if preferred or midazolam is not available


Last reviewed 01/2018