risk factors for asthma

Last reviewed 07/2019

risk factors

Risk factors for development and expression of asthma can be:

  • host factors
    • genetics – genes which predispose to atopy, airway hyperresponsiveness, airway inflammation
    • obesity – prevalence and incidence of asthma is increased in obese people BMI >30 kg/m2
    • sex – during childhood, boys have a higher risk of getting asthma while in adulthood the prevalence of asthma is greater in women than in men

  • environmental factors
    • allergens
      • indoor – domestic mites, furred animals (dogs, cats, mice), cockroaches, fungi, molds, yeasts
      • outdoor – pollen, molds
    • occupation sensitizers and allergens e.g. – flour, laboratory rodents, paints
    • infections – majority viral
    • microbiome
    • exposure to tobacco smoke – passive and active smoking
    • outdoor and indoor air pollution
    • diet
    • paracetamol
    • stress (1)