Last reviewed 03/2021

Lipomata are the commonest benign tumours.

They occur in adults with approximately equal incidence in males and females, although females present more readily for cosmetic reasons.

Lipomata are common on the trunk and shoulder but are not found on the palm of the hand or the soles of the feet.

Lipmomata may be found "beneath everything". That is, they are found at all tissue planes:

  • subcutaneous (the most common)
  • subfascial
  • subperiosteal
  • subperitoneal
  • submucosal
  • subpleural

Treatment is for cosmesis and consists of local excision.

Some individuals have multiple subcutaneous lipomata; a biopsy may be required to exclude neurofibromatosis in such patients.

The patient with multiple, tender lipomata may have Dercum's disease.

A rare complication of lipomata is a liposarcoma.