Last edited 06/2018 and last reviewed 05/2019

In the UK:

  • menorrhagia is responsible for 12% of all gynaecological referrals annually(1)
  • approximately 22% of healthy premenopausal women aged over 35 years are affected (1)
  • around 1 in 20 women aged 30 to 49 will consult their GP because of heavy menstrual bleeding (2).
    • of these, only 40% will have measured blood loss greater than 80ml

Approximately 400,000 hysterectomies are performed for menorrhagia each year.

  • during the early 1990s, around 60% of women presenting with heavy menstrual bleeding would undergo a hysterectomy (often as first line traetment) in order to resolve the problem (3).