bronchopulmonary segment one (left lung)

Last reviewed 01/2018

The apical bronchopulmonary segment of the left superior lobe is supplied by the apical segmental bronchus, a branch of the apicoposterior segmental bronchus, or more rarely, it branches directly from the left superior lobar bronchus.

The segment forms the apex of the left lung and it is inferior to apical pleura and the suprapleural membrane. It has anterior, mediastinal, lateral and posterior surfaces which are not enclosed by surrounding segments. Its inferior surface lies superior to, from anterior to posterior, the anterior bronchopulmonary segment of the superior lobe, the posterior segment, and finally the superior end of the oblique fissure overlying the superior segment of the inferior lobe. Its medial surface constitutes the portion of the left mediastinal surface of the lung that is superior to the hilum.

Anteriorly, the apical segment overlaps with the superoposterior surface of the anterior bronchopulmonary segment. Posteriorly is the apical segment of the inferior lobe.