Last reviewed 01/2018

Lifestyle Advice

  • insufficient evidence to recommend any particular lifestyle advice
    • smokers should be advised not to smoke for general health reasons and healthy eating should be encouraged, though neither are known to affect these symptoms

Pharmacological interventions

  • H Pylori eradication - it is recommended H Pylori eradication is used in this condition in keeping with the test and treat strategy.
  • antisecretory treatments
    • RCTs have demonstrated small but significant benefits of PPI or H2 receptor antagonist use. Responses are best if dyspepsia is "ulcer-like" or reflux type
    • recommended that antisecretory treatment be considered of potential use in this condition
  • stop NSAIDs if possible and consider other drugs as provoking agents
  • repeat investigations if serious symptoms develop (e.g. alarm symptoms)

Guidance as to the step-by-step management of non-ulcer dyspepsia has now been provided by NICE (see linked item).


  • a systematic review revealed that there is evidence that anti-secretory therapy (H2 receptor antagonists, proton pump inhibitors) may be effective in NUD


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