mast cells and basophils

Last reviewed 01/2018

  • cells of the inate immune system
  • mast cells and basophils
    • are very similar
      • both contain electron dense granules in the cytoplasm
  • basophils are so-called because their granules stain with a basic dye
  • mast cells are present in close proximity to blood vessels in connective tissue
  • basophils are found in the circulation
  • basophils and mast cells
    • are important in the initiation of the acute inflammatory response
    • cell degranulation is achieved either by binding to components of the complement system or by cross-linking of the IgE antibody
      • there is a release of pro-inflammatory mediators including histamine and various cytokine
        • histamine results in vasodilation and augments vascular permeability
        • cytokines are important in attracting both neutrophils and eosinophils