referral criteria from primary care - endometriosis

Last reviewed 12/2022

Referral for women with suspected or confirmed endometriosis

  • consider referring women to a gynaecology service for an ultrasound or gynaecology opinion if:
    • they have severe, persistent or recurrent symptoms of endometriosis
    • they have pelvic signs of endometriosis
    • or initial management is not effective, not tolerated or is contraindicated

    • refer women to a specialist endometriosis service (endometriosis centre)
      • if they have suspected or confirmed deep endometriosis involving the bowel, bladder or ureter

    • consider referring young women (aged 17 and under) with suspected or confirmed endometriosis to a paediatric and adolescent gynaecology service, gynaecology service or specialist endometriosis service (endometriosis centre), depending on local service provision