Dutch Lipid Clinic Network criteria for Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH)

Last reviewed 05/2021

The Dutch Lipid Clinic Network criteria are similar to the Simon Broome Register criteria.

Points are assigned for family history of hyperlipidaemia or heart disease, clinical characteristics such as tendinous xanthomata, elevated LDL cholesterol, and/or an identified mutation.

A total point score of greater than eight is considered ''definite'' FH, 6-8 is ''probable'' FH, and 3-5 is ''possible'' FH.

Although the Simon Broome Register criteria consider a molecular diagnosis as evidence for definite FH, the Dutch Lipid clinic Network requires that at least one other criterion be met in addition to molecular diagnosis.(Austin, M. A., Hutter, C. M., Zimmern, R. L. et al, 2004)