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2630 pages added, reviewed or updated during the last month (last updated: 17/4/2021)

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physical urticaria

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  • dermographism - seen in 3-5% of the population
    • dermatographism - minor trauma
  • pressure - eg. on buttocks or soles. The swelling may be delayed for several hours, and usually persists for 1-2 days
  • temperature: - cold - due to ice; cryoglobulins eg. in lupus erythematous; immersion in water. Tolerance may be induced by taking regular cold showers. - heat - eg. hot water
  • solar - due to ultraviolet exposure
  • aquagenic - due to contact with water irrespective of it's temperature
  • cholinergic - exercise, emotion
  • delayed pressure - jogging, sitting, lying, tight clothing
  • cold - swimming in cold water, cold wind
  • exercise - physical exertion
  • solar - sunshine
  • vibratory - use of vibrating tools


  • challenge testing with appropriate stimuli e.g. ice-cube, exercise, etc.; cryoglobulins

Many patients have a physical element to their urticaria with triggering by heat, cold, pressure, vibration, water, ultraviolet light, etc. The physical urticarias are triggered reproducibly after a specific physical stimulus is applied . Weals usually appear immediately and often last for <2 h. A few patients have delayed-pressure urticaria, which as the name implies, comes on slowly after pressure, and lasts several hours or days. The physical urticarias can be more resistant to therapy and follow a protracted course


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