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Menlo Park Recruitment

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Why should you deal with Menlo Park?

We are the General Practice Awards Recruitment Agency of the Year. We only appoint within primary care; we are specialists in what we do, and will provide you with great detail on the practices & roles we are recruiting for.

There is so much choice at present, but please don’t assume one surgery is the same as the next!

Each practice is approaching the challenges in General Practice in different ways…

Some practices are going to be a lot easier to work in than others; we know what to look out for, and we can provide you with this information prior to a visit, so you can make the best choice, first time round.

We remove the surprises and unknowns from the process, helping you to avoid wasting your time on an opportunity, that is not going to be compatible with your needs.

We listen, we won’t make any assumptions, even if the role we’ve discussed isn’t right just now, we’ll keep you informed about the right things in the future.

We handle exclusive vacancies, that simply aren’t being advertised elsewhere. Working with us means that you’ll have access to a higher percentage, of the quality vacancies, in your area.

About Menlo Park

We are the only consultancy to focus solely on permanent positions within UK Primary Care. We think that this is important for a number of reasons:

  • It makes us experts in our field; we have intimate knowledge of the sector
  • It means that we are motivated to be successful; we’re not supplementing our work with locum or temporary assignments
  • We believe it gives us a unique ethical stand point; we’re the only consultancy that can claim not to be compounding the shortage of permanent clinical staff in the UK; we’re not promoting locum work, where long-term, cost effective options are needed and we are not taking UK trained GPs out of the system to work overseas.
  • Our aims and objective are aligned with yours; we want to improve GP in the UK by promoting permanence, quality and continuity.

Our aim is to work with GP Practices and Clinicians that are serious about promoting quality in General Practice and investing in the recruitment process.

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