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Causes of cataract include:

  • old age (senile cataract) - caused by gradual build up of yellow-brown pigment within the lens resulting in reduced light transmission (1)
  • secondary to ocular disease:
    • glaucoma
    • degenerative
    • myopia
    • retinal detachment
  • metabolic and endocrine causes:
    • diabetes mellitus
    • galactosaemia
    • hypocalcaemia
    • hypoglycaemia
    • steroids
  • infective causes:
    • rubella
    • inflammation
  • physical causes:
    • trauma
    • radiotherapy
    • prolonged exposure to infra red rays e.g. glassblower's cataract
    • electric shock
  • genetic:
    • congenital in 1 in 250 neonates
    • myotonic dystrophy
    • Refsum's disease
    • Laurence-Moon-Biedl syndrome
    • hepatolenticular degeneration
  • toxic agents:
    • corticosteroids
    • phenothiazines
    • 2,4 DNP
    • tripanolol


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