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Sites of stone impaction

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In the kidney important sites of impaction include:

  • minor and major calyx system
  • pelviureteric junction

In the ureter:

  • region of the pelvic brim - where the ureter arches over the iliac vessels
  • vesicoureteric junction - the most narrow part of the normal urinary tract

Stones in the bladder are often formed in situ, rather than originating from the upper tracts. Stones that do reach the bladder from the upper tracts are likely to pass easily down the urethra.

Stone location

Common symptoms


vague flank pain, hematuria

in the proximal ureter

flank pain, renal colic, upper abdominal pain

in the mid section of ureter

renal colic, anterior abdominal pain, flank pain

distal ureter

renal colic, dysuria, urinary frequency, anterior abdominal pain, flank pain


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