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PCDS Clinical Hubs

Welcome to the PCDS Clinical Hubs – an educational resource aimed at furthering the understanding of diabetes and its complications amongst primary care practitioners and allied healthcare professionals (HCPs) who manage individuals with diabetes. Each hub has been created and peer-reviewed by an educational sub-committee of the PCDS.

At the centre of each hub are a series of interactive online CPD modules, which are positioned to impart a solid foundation level of understanding. Users also have the option to deep-dive into additional content at selected junctures throughout each module, for those who desire more in-depth coverage. To accompany the modules, you will also find introductory videos, providing context to the themes and concepts explored.

In addition, we have provided consultation guides to consolidate the key learnings for HCPs as well as downloadable patient leaflets that can be used to facilitate patient-engagement and supplement ongoing patient education.

Cardiovascular Hub

GLP-1 Hub

Novo Nordisk has, through a sponsorship, fully funded all costs for the technical development and hosting of the hubs. Novo Nordisk has had no influence on the content of the hubs and full editorial control remains the sole responsibility of the Primary Care Diabetes Society.

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