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Ep 38 – Undescended testes in infants


Posted 31 Jan 2022

Dr Kate Chesterman

In this episode, Dr Kate Chesterman discusses the finding of an undescended testicle at the 6-week baby check. She considers the possible diagnoses and associated risks. Kate also takes us through the primary care assessment and clarifies the important question of when to refer.


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Key take-home messages from this episode:

  • An undescended testis can occur in approximately 4% of male infants.
  • Undescended testes can be associated with reduced fertility rates and a higher incidence of testicular cancer.
  • The finding of a unilateral undescended testis at the 6-week check, in the absence of any concerns regarding an underlying disorder of sexual development, should prompt a re-examination at 4–5 months of age.
  • If the testis is still undescended at 4–5 months, then the chances of it spontaneously descending are reduced and a referral to secondary care should be made.

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