assessment of misuse

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  • The actual drugs used: type, quantity on average day, route, minimum for comfort.

  • Routine: time, place, people.

  • Source of drugs and cost.

  • If injecting: site, technique, sharing of needles.

  • Why is the patient attending now?

  • Drug History: age of first use, injecting history periods of heaviest use or abstinence.

  • Treatment history

  • Alcohol: see alcohol questionnaires

  • Forensic history

  • Housing

  • Current or past relationships, any children.

  • Medical history: hepatitis, pancreatitis, overdoses, DVTs, STDs, septicaemia, HIV testing.

  • Mental state: intoxication, coherence, appearance, behaviour, mood, hallucinations, delusions, orientation, concentration, memory, insight

  • Physical examination: neglect, scars, stigmata, ataxia, twitching, tremor, neuropathy, eyes, nose mouth, BP, pulse, murmur, liver, colon, wasting, lymphadenopathy

  • Patient's view

  • Formulation

Last reviewed 01/2018