congenital malformation of the female genital tract

Last reviewed 01/2018

Failure of canalisation of the urogenital sinus may produce an imperforate hymen, or less commonly, vaginal atresia.

Failure of re-canalisation of the Mullerian ducts may produce atresia of the upper vagina or of the cervix.

Failure of fusion of the Mullerian ducts results in reduplication of the uterus, cervix or vagina.

Failure of development of both Mullerian ducts results in complete absence of a uterus and oviducts, and amenorrhoea.

Persistence of Wolffian duct remnants may produce cysts of the hydatid of Morgagni in the mesovarium, cysts between the leaves of the broad ligaments, or Gartner's duct cysts.

Abnormalities of the extenal genitalia include fused labia, and labia of various sizes.