Muir and Barclay Formula

Last reviewed 01/2018

The Muir and Barclay Formula estimates the amount of fluid that needs to be infused during the first 36 hours after a major burn. It divides up the total time into six periods of varying duration. Each period requires the same volume of fluid.

The volume for each period is calculated from the following formula: (weight in kilograms multiplied by the percentage total body surface area of the burn) divided by two.

Each infusion volume is given as follows:

  • first 12 hours - 3 infusions at 4 hour intervals
  • second 12 hours - 2 infusions at 6 hour intervals
  • third 12 hours - 1 infusion

The Muir and Barclay Formula was described for albumin as the resuscitation fluid. It tends to give less fluid per unit time than the Parkland Formula favoured by the British Burns Association.