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otitis media

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Otitis media
  • is an inflammation of the middle ear, sometimes associated with upper respiratory tract infection.
  • it can be classified as follows:
    • acute suppurative
    • chronic suppurative
    • serous / secretory

  • acute suppurative otitis media
    • may be caused by viral or bacterial infections, or bacterial infection complicating a viral illness,
    • it causes ear pain and tenderness

  • chronic suppurative otitis media
    • manifests as persistent drainage from the ear associated with tympanic membrane perforation and some degree of conductive hearing loss. Chronic ear
    • conditions are not usually painful

  • serous or secretory otitis media
    • refers to non-suppurative fluid accumulation in the middle ear
    • this condition is frequently associated with dysfunction or obstruction of the eustachian tube, such as may result from tonsillar hyperplasia or recurrent infection
    • this condition is an important cause of hearing problems in children.
    • in adults, a unilateral serous effusion may be due to a nasopharyngeal tumour which should be excluded.


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