Last reviewed 01/2018

Treatment of chronic diarrhoea:

  • rule out the possibility of tumour
  • review diet and fluid intake
  • decide drug treatment - see relevant management section Irritable bowel syndrome:
  • fibre, antispasmodics, loperamide, reassurance Diverticular disease:
  • high-fibre diet, bulk-forming agents
  • antispasmodics, antibiotics when infected Ulcerative colitis:
  • topical or oral steroids
  • sulphasalazine, mesalazine, azathioprine
  • high-fibre diet, bulk-forming drugs, laxatives, diet Crohn's disease:
  • colon Rx as for ulcerative colitis
  • oral steroids, metronidazole, nutrition and supplements Malabsorbtion syndromes:
  • specific management & general nutritional considerations
  • coeliac disease usually needs a gluten-free diet
  • pancreatic insufficiency needs pancreatin supplements Antibiotic associated/pseudomembranous colitis(C.difficile):
  • vancomycin or metronidazole