omohyoid muscle (anatomy)

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Omohyoid is one of the infrahyoid muscles of the neck. It arises from the superior border of the scapula and suprascapular ligament. Passing superomedially, it becomes tendinous to form the intermediate tendon that passes through a fascial sling attached to the medial end of the clavicle. Continuing as a slender muscle, it ascends medially from the sling to insert into the inferior border of the hyoid bone.

The part of the muscle lateral to the sling is the inferior belly. The part medially-sited is the superior belly. Omohyoid divides the posterior triangle of the neck into the supraclavicular triangle inferiorly and the occipital triangle superiorly.

It is innervated by the ansa cervicalis from the cervical roots (C1-C3).

Omohyoid acts to on the hyoid bone, and hence the larynx, to:

  • retract
  • depress
  • stabilize

Last reviewed 01/2018