pyogenic granuloma

Last reviewed 01/2018

This is a chronic inflammatory lesion of the dermal layer of the skin that occurs as the result of minor penetrating foreign bodies eg thorns, splinters. The lesion develops over a period of about one week. However, it does not often spontaneously regress.

Histologically, a lesion consists of a mass of granulation tissue that contains numerous polymorphs.

Common sites are the feet and hands, also the lips and gums. The lesions are reddish-blue, solitary, fleshy nodules - and may be polypoid. Surface ulceration is common and may make clinical differentiation from an amelanotic malignant melanoma difficult.

The lesions should be treated by excision and the base of the lesions curetted. Histological analysis of the excised lesion should be sent for confirmation of the diagnosis.

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