Last reviewed 01/2018

The indications for antiemetic therapy include:

  • motion sickness:
    • use hyoscine patches or antihistamines

  • drug-induced emesis:

    • gastric irritation:
      • common problem
      • take the offending drug with food, e.g. spironolactone
      • take frequent small doses

    • CNS irritation:
      • due to, e.g. opiates
      • treat with:
        • phenothiazines
        • metoclopramide

    • cytotoxic therapy

  • post-operative:
    • ensure that the anatomy is correct, e.g. do not start antiemesis if the patient is obstructed
    • drug therapy:
      • metoclopramide
      • phenothiazines

  • migraine:
    • i.v. metoclopramide promotes gastric emptying and so permits improved absorption of other therapies such as analgesics