Marcus Gunn syndrome

Last reviewed 01/2018

This rare congenital conditions consists of elevation of a ptotic eyelid when the ipsilateral pterygoid muscle is stimulated - as in chewing, sucking, or opening the mouth. Amblyopia, and strabismus are common

  • an autosomal-dominant condition with incomplete penetrance (also known as Marcus Gunn Jaw-Winking or Trigemino-oculomotor Synkineses)
  • condition is characterized as a synkinesis
    • when two or more muscles that are independently innervated have either simultaneous or coordinated movements
    • trigeminal innervation to the pterygoid muscles of the jaw is associated with a stimulation of the branch of the oculomotor nerve to the levator palpebrae superioris

Acquired cases occur after damage to the oculomotor nerve with subsequent innervation of levator palpebrae superioris by a branch of the trigeminal nerve.

Surgical correction may be necessary.