Last edited 12/2020 and last reviewed 12/2020

  • Rolandic epilepsy typically occurs in children aged seven to ten, but may start as young as three years of age, and is twice as common in boys

  • speech dyspraxia and language impairments are frequent comorbidities predating the onset of seizures. There is a six times higher odds of dyslexia, which should be anticipated at diagnosis and during routine follow-up

  • there is often a family history of speech and language disorders

  • seizure remission is universal by the age of 15 although a small but elevated risk of epilepsy in adult life remains and the risk of migraine is also increased.

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  • Professor Deb K Pal PhD MRCP
  • Professor of Paediatric Epilepsy
  • Honorary Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Variety Club and Evelina Children's Hospitals