miliaria rubra

Last reviewed 06/2022

Miliaria rubra, also known as prickly heat or heat rash, occurs in susceptible persons as a result of eccrine sweat duct occlusion

Miliaria rubra are tiny red itchy papules which occur as a result of exposure to heat.

It is a response to sweat from rupture or plugging of the sweat ducts (1):

  • small, diffuse papules and vesicles with surrounding confluent erythema appear suddenly in occluded areas during sweating, such as with physical exertion
  • there is no follicular association, and patients may describe a 'prickly' sensation
  • typically lesions are concentrated on the face, upper trunk, and the neck, it may also be seen on extremities

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Polymorphic light eruption is included in the differential diagnosis of this condition.


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