MERIT-HF trial

Last reviewed 01/2018

  • this trial assessed the effects of beta-1-blocker metoprolol on patients with heart failure
  • trial design - randomised, double-blind; mean follow-up of one year
  • 3391 patients with chronic heart failure recruited into the study; before randomisation patients also had to be receiving optimal treatment (diuretics with ACE inhibitors)
  • results - of the 1990 treated with metoprolol, 641 patients died or were admitted to hospital as opposed to 767 out of 2001 patients who received placebo. Total mortality or hospitalisation due to heart failure was reduced by one third in the metoprolol group

  • conclusion - the use of metoprolol in patients with chronic heart failure led to a reduced mortality rate and less hospital admissions


  • JAMA (2000), 283, 1295-1302.